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Lydia Carr


Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant in the Oxford Cognitive Approaches to Psychosis team (O-CAP). I am currently working on two randomised controlled clinical trials: THRIVE and gameChange.

Both THRIVE and gameChange aim to transform the lives of patients with psychosis by providing psychological therapies through immersive virtual reality. THRIVE assesses whether virtual reality can help people with persecutory delusions feel safer. gameChange is a multi-site RCT which targets social anxiety by exposing patients to everyday environments in VR. 

I previously worked on the Feeling Safe Study, which is a novel translation psychological treatment for persecutory delusions. Before joining O-CAP I worked as an intern in the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Lab at the Yale University Child Study Center.

I completed my BSc in Natural Sciences (Biology and Psychology) at Durham University with year abroad in Calgary, Alberta.