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Melis Anatürk

MA (Hons), MSc

DPhil Candidate in Psychiatry

I am a DPhil student supervised by Professor Klaus Ebmeier and Dr Claire Sexton. My research focuses on the relationship between lifestyle and the ageing brain.

By combining detailed epidemiological data with neuroimaging and neuropsychological outcomes, I am investigating whether mid-life activity engagement predicts cognitive resillience and structural changes in the brain, in late adulthood. The results of this study may inform the development of interventions designed to promote healthy cognitive ageing and also clarify whether mid-life is an important period to deliver such interventions. My research is supported by the Department of Psychiatry, Clarendon Fund and St John's College Kendrew Scholarship.

Prior to starting a DPhil at Oxford, I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of St Andrews (2014), and a MSc degree in Health Psychology at University College London (2015).

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