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Michelle Yeung

BHSc (Hons), MSc

Research Assistant

I am currently a candidate for the MPhil in Medical Anthropology course at Green Templeton College, where my thesis employs mixed-methods to explore the discourse surrounding obesity and COVID-19 within the UK government’s pandemic policy response, formal media, and social media posts to identify the gaps in views and priorities that may exist between different stakeholders. Prior to Oxford, I completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) degree at McMaster University in Canada, and a MSc in Medicine, Health and Public Policy from King’s College London. My research background has been predominantly qualitative in method but varied in content, from dementia in long-term care to biological weapons non-proliferation policy.

My role in Co-PACT involves liaising and working closely with local sites throughout the project, as well as taking charge of the study newsletter and outreach/knowledge dissemination initiatives for the CHiMES research group. I will also be running data collection workshops at sites within four out of the seven NHS trusts involved in the study (Leeds, London, Manchester, Oxford), as well as contribute to data analysis and publications in later stages of the project. 

I am interested in the experiences of chronic conditions in settings with a high infectious disease burden, such as during epidemics and pandemics, particularly amongst minority and marginalized populations. I am also interested in additional topics relating to health inequalities, health and risk, and syndemics, as well as biosecurity and digital health.