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Nisha Singh

BPharmacy, MSc & DPhil Pharmacology

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychopharmacology

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychopharmacology

I am a pharmacologist by training, with demonstrable experience in translation research, and a strong interest in drug repurposing in psychiatry. I have been an instrumental part of an academic team working on a potential, new lithium-like drug called ebselen, which we have taken from inception through to clinical evaluation. 

Prior to this, I was a Research Fellow in Radiopharmacology at King’s College, London where I was developing and evaluating radiotracers for the GABA and glutamate neurotransmitter systems. This position provided me with the unique opportunity to gain an understanding in all aspects of PET imaging, from chemistry and physics in the laboratory, to clinical studies of new radiotracers evaluating brain function. 

At present, I am further developing ebselen for treatment-resistant depression and other psychiatric conditions, as well as utilising imaging techniques, both PET and MRI, to evaluate its effects on the glutamatergic system.