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Patricia Mota

Research Assistant

  • MSc

I am currently working as a Research Assistant within the Hedonia: Trygfonden Research Group, a transnational research group based both at CFIN, Aarhus University and the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. 

I am involved in neuroimaging - magnetoencephalography (MEG) - research studies with focus on understanding the neural activity of response inhibition during a stop-signal task in behavioral addiction. This is accomplished by analyzing the contrast brain activation between successful and failed inhibition and extending this analysis to a group level comparison between gamblers and normals. The main aim of my work is to understand which brain regions are involved in each type of stimulus, as well as the changes in activity of functional networks associated to pleasure in this type of neuropathology, by analyzing large MEG datasets of gamblers and normals. 

I hold a Master in Biomedical Engineering from New University of Lisbon in Portugal. The main goal of my master thesis was to study the relationship between the volume of the hippocampus and dementia in Down Syndrome patients, by extensively analyzing MRI data and exploring existing manual and automatic reference neuroimaging segmentation tools - FSL, FreeSurfer and MRIcron.