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Poppy Brown


DPhil student

I am currently a DPhil student supervised by Professor Daniel Freeman and Dr Felicity Waite.

My research focusses on identifying the best psychological techniques to help patients with persecutory delusions successfully re-engage with social situations through the use of immersive virtual reality. 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford.

We investigate why people experience hallucinations and delusions, and use that knowledge to develop truly effective treatments for these problems. The Oxford Cognitive Approaches to Psychosis (O-CAP) research group, set up in 2011 by Prof Daniel Freeman, is one of the largest clinical psychology research teams in the world. Notable achievements include the development of a new, powerful psychological treatment for persecutory delusions (the Feeling Safe Programme) and the pioneering of automated psychological treatment delivered in virtual reality (VR).

Oxford Cognitive Approaches to Psychosis

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