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Priyanka Panchal

BSc, MSc

DPhil student

Priyanka’s research focuses on understanding the relationship between mood instability and cognitive processes, such as memory, learning and decision-making. She is supervised by Professor Catherine Harmer and Professor Kia Nobre.

As part of the Collaborative Oxford Network for Bipolar Research to Improve Outcomes (ConBRIO), Priyanka's research focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of Bipolar Disorder and other affective disorders through the COMET study. Looking specifically at mood fluctuations at different time scales using technological solutions and multi-modal imaging (MRI and MEG) techniques, she aims to investigate whether mood instability develops in response to disruption in regulatory neural mechanisms to sustain and balance emotional and cognitive functions.

Identification of this relationship will aid the development of effective experimental medicine interventions, thus transforming the current understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder.

Priyanka is a DPhil student in the PERL (Psychopharmacology and Emotion Research Laboratory) and Brain & Cognition labs, and is based at New College. She received a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from UCL, and completed a MSc in Clinical Neuroscience from UCL's Institute of Neurology.

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