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Rose Mortimer

Rose Mortimer

Rose Mortimer


DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student supervised by Professor Ilina Singh (Department of Psychiatry) and Professor Mike Parker (Ethox).

I am part of Mothers: Early Intervention Ethics (MO:EIE), a research project which focuses on the social, political and ethical dimensions of early intervention in maternal health and child development. A primary aim is to critically examine the concept of the ‘good’ from multiple perspectives. Using a theoretical framework based on virtue ethics, the study examines the normative assumptions both implicit and explicit within the project of early intervention.

My project takes as its ‘case study’ Mother and Baby Units in UK Women’s Prisons. I employ both empirical research and ethical analysis in order to engage with the views of a number of stakeholders, including offenders, prison staff, and policy makers. My research seeks to understand how early intervention is enacted, valued and perceived within a prison setting, how conflicts between justice and care are negotiated, and how an ideal of ‘good’ motherhood emerges out of this context.

MO: EIE is a subproject under BeGOOD, a flagship research project held within the Neuroscience Ethics & Society team in the Department of Psychiatry, and funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award to Professor Ilina Singh. The project is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together expertise in empirical ethics, developmental psychopathology, anthropology and neuroscience.

I was awarded my MA (distinction) in Bioethics and Society from King’s College London in 2015. I gained my BA (first class hons.) in Philosophy and English Literature from Durham University in 2014.


Twitter: @BeGOOD_EIE 

Professor Ilina Singh:  

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