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Ruta Buivydaite

DPhil student

I am a graduate student supervised by Professor Charles Newton and based in Department of Psychiatry. I am interested in exploring effects of culture on mental health patients. 
My doctoral research is based on the experiences of parental stress in raising a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder in post - soviet country (Lithuania) and United Kingdom. I focus on the role of affiliated stigma and parental stress in the families who are raising a child with neurodevelopmental condition like Autism Spectrum, Cerebral Palsy and ADHD. My work utilises cross - sectional and comparative studies using qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate the effect of stigma, social support, marital quality and parental stress in parents of the children with neurodevelopmental conditions and neuro - typically developing children across two cultures. I am hoping to show the importance of culture and well being of families raising children with neurodevelopmental conditions.
Prior to commencing my DPhil, I completed a BSc in Psychology at the LCC International University (Lithuania) and MSc in Developmental Psychology at Oxford Brookes University

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