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Sally-Anne Vincent

BSc, MSc

Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant in the SINAPPS Research Group (PPiP2/SINAPPS2), primarily working on the SINAPPS2 Clinical Trial. PPiP2 is a prevalence study looking at neuronal cell antibodies in psychosis. SINAPPS2 is a randomised phase II double-blinded placebo-controlled trial designed to see whether immunotherapy (IVIG and Rituximab) is an effective treatment for psychosis in people with neuronal cell antibodies. I am based at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. I am involved in recruitment and follow ups for SINAPPS2 and supporting the South and South-West of England in recruitment and meeting their allocated targets in the PPiP2 study.

Previously, whilst working at the Institute of Psychiatry, I was involved in research that aimed to establish whether or not there was a link between a person’s genetic make-up and their response to drug therapy.

I have a BSc Psychology and MSc Cognitive Neuroscience which I obtained from the University of Reading.