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Sorcha Hamilton

MSc(Hons), BSc(Hons)

Research Assistant

BSc(Hons), MSc(Hons)

I am a research assistant for the PERL lab. I am interested in the relationship between mental wellbeing and cognition. Currently, I assist with a project that aims to test the efficacy of a novel drug to specifically alleviate symptoms of cognitive difficulties in those recovering from depression. I am responsible for multiple aspects of this multi-stage, phase Ib, exploratory study. This includes; the co-ordination of study set up, recruitment and prescreening of participants, collection of self-report questionnaire information, assessment of side effects, and conducting computerised psychological tasks and fMRI investigations. 

Previous to this role, I worked in the Decision-Making and Action Lab, Dept. of Experimental Psychology, at Oxford University. I here helped to plan, conduct, and analyse many behavioural and fMRI investigations examining the neural correlates of social decision-making behaviour. For my MSc Neuroimaging thesis at King’s College London, I used fMRI to demonstrate how different personality-types correlate with distinctive amygdala functional connectivity patterns when pain is induced. Prior to this I completed a BSc Neuroscience at University of St Andrews.