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In addition to the maternity provision supplied by the central University, the Department also provides support for women before, during and after maternity leave. 

Provision for additional support before, during and after maternity leave

The department has identified funds to provide additional support in the period around maternity leave for staff members with management and administrative responsibilities.  This scheme is tailored according to the needs of the individual, but can provide, for example, funds to cover administrative support to ease the transition back into work after returning from leave.

Option of 'opting in' to contact whilst on maternity leave

Some staff members reported a desire to receive contact from the Department whilst on leave; therefore, those going on maternity leave have the option of receiving information whilst on leave on an opt-in basis.  This contact is tailored to the needs of the individual.  For example, the staff member may wish to receive a letter prior to their return, reassuring them that all necessary arrangements (e.g. payroll) are in place.

We aim to be as accommodating and flexible as possible.  Therefore, staff members are encouraged to take advantage of these schemes, and to discuss with administrative and senior staff any other things that the Department might do to help them during this transition period.