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Latest News

Lifetime suicide risk factors identified

A new review by researchers in the Department of Psychiatry of previous studies into suicide worldwide has highlighted the effects of individual and environmental risk factors over a lifetime.

Management of adolescent self-harm needed to reduce suicide risk

Children and adolescents who present to hospital following self-harm have an increased future risk of suicide compared with other children and adolescents, which may persist for several years, according to an observational study of more than 9,000 children and adolescents aged 10-18 years who presented to five English hospitals for non-fatal self-harm.

Mental Disorders Linked to Intimate Partner Violence

A new large-scale population-based study led by researchers from the University of Oxford investigated the link between nine major mental disorders and intimate partner violence perpetrated by men towards women.

Talks, discussions, events

Multi-omics studies in depression

Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 9.30am to 10.30am @ Seminar Room, Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Warneford Lane, Oxford OX3 7JX


Listen to the late Professor Michael Gelder on how he founded the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford, 1969.

NIHR Oxford Health BRC video

Find out what we aim to achieve with this brand new NIHR Biomedical Research Centre.

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