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John Geddes

Head of Department

Michael Browning

MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow

Noel Buckley

Professor of Neurobiology

Philip Burnet

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Andrea Cipriani

Associate Professor

Philip Cowen

Professor of Psychopharmacology

Klaus Ebmeier

Foundation Chair of Old Age Psychiatry

Christopher G Fairburn

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry

Mina Fazel

Associate Professor

Seena Fazel

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow

Daniel Freeman

Professor of Clinical Psychology

John Gallacher

Director, Dementias Platform UK; Professor of Cognitive Health

Guy Goodwin

Senior Research Fellow

Catherine Harmer

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Paul Harrison

Professor of Psychiatry

Keith Hawton

Director, Centre for Suicide Research

Laurence Hunt

Wellcome/Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Mary Jane Attenburrow

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Morten Kringelbach

Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Willem Kuyken

Professor of Clinical Psychology

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Ruth Abrahams

Communications Officer

Sarah Atkinson

PA to Prof Stein, Prof Harrison, Prof Cipriani and Dr Saunders

Linda Carter

Neuroscience Building Manager

Becci Curtis

Research Administrator

Wayne Davies

IT & Facilities Manager

Monique Ewen

Personal Assistant to Prof Seena Fazel

Pavlina Gatou

Departmental Receptionist & Course Administrator

Jane Hainsworth

EPRG, CLAHRC Theme 1 & PPiP Study Coordinator

Sharon Harrison

Executive Assistant to Professor John Geddes, Head of Department

Judy Hodgson

PA to Professor Keith Hawton

Tracy Lindsey

Graduate Studies Administrator & PA to Mary-Jane Attenburrow

Justin Lowen

Finance Manager

Kaelene Mistretta

Research Manager

Arne Mould

NIHR BRC Laboratory Manager/Research Coordinator

Anna Myers

Senior Project Manager - Dementias Platform UK

Amanda Pipkin

Research Co-ordinator & PA Prof Klaus Ebmeier

Pamela Reid

Senior Project Manager- Dementias Platform UK

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Alvaro Barrera Parraguez

Consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Amy Bilderbeck

Honorary Member

Matthew Broome

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Robert Chapman

Honorary senior clinical lecturer

Joe Clacey

Honorary Teaching Fellow, OPPC

Michael Clark

Research Fellow

Myra Cooper

Interim deputy director, Oxford doctoral course in clinical psychology

Alexis Economou

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Jane Fossey

Associate Director of Psychological Services Oxford Health NHS FT

Matthew Gee

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Bergljot Gjelsvik

Research clinical psychologist

Chris Hinds

Senior Research Fellow

Emily Holmes

Visiting Professor in Clinical Psychology

Louise Johns

Consultant Academic Clinical Psychologist

Symon Kariuki

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Alison Lennox

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Andrew Molodynski

Consultant Psychiatrist

Farshad Shaddel

Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

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Amina Abubakar

Associate Professor and Honorary Research Fellow

Alexandra Almeida


Sarah Bauermeister

Senior Researcher and Data Manager

Sophie Behrman

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Jessica Bird

Research Clinical Psychologist & NIHR Research Fellow

Sven Braeutigam

MEG Physicist

Katy Burke

Clinical Researcher

Catherine Calvin

Postdoctoral Researcher, MRC Dementias Platform UK

Liliana Capitao

NIHR Project Manager/Research Coordinator

Emma Cernis

Wellcome Trust Clinical Doctoral Fellow & Research Clinical Psychologist

Nicola Collett

Clinical Psychologist

Catherine Crane

Senior Post Doctoral Research Psychologist

Louise Dalton

Clinical Psychologist

Rowan Diamond

Research Clinical Psychologist

Henrique Fernandes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Josephine Fielding

Clinical Researcher

Nicola Filippini

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Valeria Frighi

Senior Clinical Researcher

Galit Geulayov

Study coordinator/Statistician

Beata Godlewska

Clinical Researcher, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist

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Melis Anatürk

DPhil Candidate in Psychiatry

Claudia Ashton

Academic Foundation Doctor

Lauren Atkinson

DPhil Student

Omar Aziz

MSc Student

Jennifer Baker-Jones

Research Assistant

Liz Bale

Research Assistant

Katrina Bartellas

MSc Student

Jasmine Blane

Research Assistant

Sorcha Bolton

Research Assistant

Poppy Brown

DPhil student

Ruta Buivydaite

DPhil student

Deborah Casey

Research Assistant

Tríona Casey

Research Assistant

Shi Yu Chan

DPhil Student

Marina Charquero Ballester

DPhil Student

Chenlu Li

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Amy Chinner

Research Assistant

Lucy Colbourne

Wellcome Doctoral Training Fellow

Michael Daly

Research Assistant

Adrià Dangla Valls

DPhil Student

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