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SINAPPS stands for Study of Immunology in Antibody Positive Psychosis. We are a research group formed of collaborating Universities in the UK, investigating the role of autoimmune antibodies as a cause of psychosis.

SINAPPS2 Research team members clockwise from top right: Belinda Lennox, Ksenija Yeeles, Isobel Harrison,  Florence Hallett, Brendan Sargent, Jane Hainsworth,
Meet the Research Team (clockwise from top left Belinda Lennox, Ksenija Yeeles, Isobel Harrison, Florence Hallett, Brendan Sargent and Jane Hainsworth

Desktop with note pad, laptop and glasses


 Find out more about our group members by clicking on their names.

Professor Alasdair Coles Chief Investigator and Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge

Professor Belinda Lennox Principal investigator, University of Oxford

Professor Peter Jones, Co-investigator, University of Cambridge

Professor Eileen Joyce, Co-investigator, University College London

Dr Michael Zandi , Principal Investigator, UCL Hospitals NHS Trust, London

Professor Ly-Mee Yu, Lead Trial Statistician, University of Oxford

Dr Thomas Kabir, Head of Public Involvement, 

Dr Ksenija Yeeles, SINAPPS Project Manager, University of Oxford

Mr Francis Dowling, Senior Trial Coordinator, Cambridge Clinical Trial Unit

 Medical drip bag hanging on a trolley

SINAPPS2 Trial PRINCIPAL Investigators


Dr Timothy HarrowerRoyal Devon & Exeter Wonford Hospital, Exeter 

Dr Akram Hosseini, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham

Dr Ester Coutinho, King's College Hospital, London

Dr Nazar Sharaf, Salford Royal Hospital, Salford

Dr Priya ShanmugarajahRoyal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Dr Saif Huda, The Walton Centre, Liverpool 

Dr John Goodfellow, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow


Two people sat opposite meeting, one on a settee and the other on a chair with a notepad

SINAPPS2 Researchers



Isobel Harrison, Research Fellow/Senior Research Nurse

Jane Hainsworth, Research Coordinator, research-administrative support 

Florence Hallett, Research Assistant

Brendan Sargent, Clinical Research Fellow