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We are running a number of current studies - get in contact if you would like to participate!

Activation Study

Are you low in mood and activity? We are testing two interventions that might be helpful.

Combined Antidepressant and Behavioural Intervention (CABIN) Study

Looking for volunteers low in mood and activity

Fen and Cognition Study

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged between 18-22 of age for a study investigating the effect of the drug fenfluramine on learning and memory.

Low Mood and Activity Study

This study involves evaluating the effects of a 4 week behavioural intervention in people low in mood and/or activity. Please contact for further information.


Looking for volunteers who have had episodes of depression in the past but are not currently taking antidepressants, to take part in a 7 day study looking at the effect of a licensed drug, prucalopride.

Reward, Emotion, Learning and Ketamine (RELAKS) Study

We are looking for volunteers to improve our understanding on how ketamine can influence the way people learn from rewards and punishments.