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How do I get involved?

All eligible participants will be sent an email by the study's research team. This will contain a link to find out more details about the study and to complete the survey.

What are the benefits of taking part?

We hope that the findings will help us better understand the health needs of university students and what personal and lifestyle factors are associated with academic success. Ultimately this information should help us to improve resources and services for students.

What will happen in the study?

Participants were asked to complete a short online survey in October 2019. The survey asked about participants' background, family relationships, past emotional experiences, lifestyle (such as physical activity, substance use), physical and mental health, and academic outcomes. A follow-up survey was sent in May 2020. The follow-up survey aimed to learn about student experiences over the academic year, and asked about lifestyle, wellbeing, and health care access. Each survey took approximately 10 -15 minutes to complete.

We are currently planning the next stages of this research and will provide some additional information shortly.

The study is voluntary and responses are confidential. It is being conducted independently of the students' college or course. Participants may withdraw at any time.

Where can I get help?

If you are concerned about your mental health, here are some contacts that you might find useful...

Your GP: Book an appointment with your GP. They can offer advice or refer you to other more specific services to get help.

Each college at the University of Oxford will be linked to a GP, known as a ‘college doctor’. To find out the contact details of your college doctor, click on this link. Alternatively, you can register with an alternative medical practice if you prefer.

University Counselling ServiceThe Service offers free and confidential support, but it is not an emergency service.

MIND: Mind is a mental health charity. To ask about mental health or mental health services, or to find out more about a particular Mind service, phone the MIND Information Line on 01865 263730. Trained staff and volunteers will be able to give you details of services in your area and talk through options with you. 

Students Against Depression: An award-winning website offering information, blogs and resources to help students find their way forward from low mood or depression.

Student Minds: Student Minds is a national student mental health charity working to encourage peer interventions for student mental health. 

The Samaritans: Trained volunteers are able to listen to you any time day or night. They can help you talk through whatever is troubling you, find the answers that are right for you, and offer support. Call on: 116 123 / or the Oxford branch phone number on 01865 722122.

FRANKFor friendly, confidential drugs advice, call FRANK on: 0300 123 6600

IN AN EMERGENCY: If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and think that you might be unable to keep yourself safe, visit your nearest Accident and Emergency department or call 999.