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The family-friendly and part-time working group aims to provide support and visibility to those in the department who are in a caring role, including those going on or returning from parental leave. We also support those who wish for flexible careers, including career breaks or part-time employment.

Working group members

Laura WinchesterAndrea-Reinecke

Co-leads Laura Winchester and Andrea Reinecke

Andrey KormilitzinBSc PhD (Liverpool) Clare Mackay - Professor of Imaging NeuroscienceGina Ford

Working group members: Andrey Kormilitzin, Clare Mackay and Gina Ford.

Action Plan

Aim 1: Enhance inclusivity in career development for those with caring responsibilities or part time working patterns.

Aim 2: Encourage visibility, knowledge and access of part-time / flexible working and other family-friendly university and departmental-level schemes and support

Aim 3: Enhance support for older members of staff

Aim 4: Support and raise awareness of gender equality issues



  • Our working group’s focus month is June 2023. Plans include an interactive seminar on Maximising Opportunities in Flexible Work-Life Balance and Career Breaks and a networking café for carers including a focus on childcare possibilities and support. We also heard from two members of staff about their experiences of securing support from the Returning Carers Fund.
  • We have also prepared a Guide for Parents and Carers working in the department detailing the support available (download as a Word document or as a PDF)
  • Alongside these events we are launching a new scheme to support career development of carers and others who may find it hard to access traditional career development support.
  • In the past, we have worked on a range of activities. Most recently we ran a menopause awareness month which included a range of talks and informal sharing sessions.