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Child Development and Adult Social and Human Capital: COHORTS

The COHORTS collaboration (Consortium On Health Outcomes Research in Transitioning Societies) comprises five of the largest and longest running birth cohort studies in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs); Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, India and South Africa.

Digital delivery of Behavioural Activation to overcome depression and facilitate social and economic transitions of adolescents in LMICs (DoBAT)

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, with the incidence of depression peaking during adolescence. Depression affects cognitive functioning, interpersonal relationships, interferes with schooling, and disrupts work and productivity.

Ebikolwa N’empisa: Applying Behavioural Activation as a psychological therapy for adolescents in Uganda

Adolescence is an important period of development, as young people gain independence, navigate stressful situations and make important decisions. The incidence of depression peaks during adolescence, coinciding with the development of social cognition and executive function, key functions of the brain associated with decision-making. Depression can impair the development of these functions, putting depressed adolescents at a life-long disadvantage.

Insika Yomama

Perinatal depression is very common amongst HIV-positive women, with up to 40% of HIV-positive mothers in parts of southern Africa being affected. Insika Yomama is a treatment trial to evaluate an intervention for depressed HIV-positive women in the perinatal period to enhance child development and reduce maternal depression.