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The COHORTS collaboration (Consortium On Health Outcomes Research in Transitioning Societies) comprises five of the largest and longest running birth cohort studies in LMICs; Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, India and South Africa.

In 2017 the COHORTS collaboration secured a three year grant (April 2017 to April 2020) from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to investigate the relationships between childhood development, including nutrition, social and emotional development and socioeconomic status in relation to the adult outcomes in LMICs.

In January 2018 we started revisiting participants from three of the cohorts (Guatemala, the Philippines and South Africa), to collect data on adult cognitive, executive, social and emotional functioning, and social and human capital. Data collection for this phase of the project will be completed by June 2019.

Using our rich existing longitudinal data, together with this new data, we will address critical questions of how childhood growth and early cognitive functioning, stressors, socioeconomic status, and schooling come together to predict adult cognitive, executive and social and emotional functioning, and how these influence adult social and human capital development. The results from this project will enable us to produce robust evidence to guide interventions and inform policy in low and middle-income contexts.