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There are many career development opportunities available to departmental staff and students.  Additional information on these schemes is available from the links below, or by contacting administrative staff or the Athena SWAN team.

Personal Development Reviews

All staff members have an annual Personal Development Review (PDR) with their line manager, to ensure that they have the resources required for their role and to reflect on their longer-term career development.  The focus is on individual development, rather than performance management.  An overview of the department’s PDR process is located on the Department's P Drive (accessible to Department members only).


Oxford does not have a formal promotion process. Promotion is achieved by applying for an advertised post at a higher grade or taking on new responsibilities that meet regrading criteria.  Staff members who believe that they should be regraded are encouraged to discuss it with their line manager and/or the Head of Administration and Finance at any time.

The University runs an annual Awards for Excellence scheme which recognises employees who have performed well in all the key areas of their job and have demonstrated exceptional performance above that expected for their grade.  The scheme usually launches in January each year (after the end of the PDR process) and details are circulated to all staff.

There are also annual Recognition of Distinction Schemes where research staff can apply for the title of University Research Lecturer, Associate Professor or Professor.  The RoD exercise is advertised to all staff by email, and individuals are encouraged to discuss their eligibility with their supervisor or senior members of staff.


There are many mentoring schemes available to students and staff members at all levels within Oxford.  Please see the summary of current coaching, mentoring and professional development programmes within the University.  If you feel that you would benefit from mentoring, but you do not have any particular mentor in mind, and there is no scheme available to you at present, you could ask for help in finding a mentor. Your own line manager may have some ideas, and should have some insight into the sort of mentor or mentoring might be helpful. Alternatively, speak to our HR Administrator or Head of Administration and Finance.