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Department Harassment Officers

Bullying and Harassment Officers


The Department of Psychiatry has two Bullying and Harrassment Officers: Professors Catherine Harmer and Phil Cowen.

They are a first point of contact for anyone who believes that they are experiencing bullying or harassment. They are supported by the structures of the Medical Sciences Division, and are an in-between for the people who are involved and the university harassment policies and procedures. 

Have as much respect for people at all different stages of their career, and treat everyone with dignity and allow people to be individuals as well as being part of the workforce. The best managers or team leaders are flexible in how they deal with people and adapt to the way in which they want to work and support them and foster a feeling of mutual respect.
- Catherine Harmer



Please see this Q&A with Catherine and Phil to find out more about their roles, and the department's position on bullying and harassment.