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Sarah Bauermeister

BA Hons, BSc Hons, MSc, PhD, CPsychol

Associate Professor

  • Cognitive neuropsychologist
  • Senior Scientist DPUK & Brainwaves
  • Senior Data Manager DPUK
  • Lead for DPUK training programme
  • Lead for DPUK data curation programme
  • Lead for Blossom Early Adversity & Brain Health Programme
  • Lead for Modify programme


I am a cognitive neuropsychologist and epidemiologist managing scientific research across multiple multi-disciplinary projects. I am also Senior Data Manager for Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) a cohort data repository for 60+ cohorts (3.6 million+ participants). For DPUK I lead the training programme for analysts; I am programme lead for DPUK Data curation; scientific reviewer for the DPUK Data Portal and represent DPUK internationally. 

As a senior scientist I am lead for Blossom Early Adversity and Brain Health Programme and Modify: Modifying Dementia Risk Through Lifestyle Programme Modifying Dementia Risk — Department of Psychiatry ( I am also Oxford PI for GMHIC: An international collaborative project investigating the global mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic along with colleagues in Harvard and Sao Paolo, funded by IHCC (

I specialise in applying structural equation modelling (SEM) and psychometric methodologies (IRT) to longitudinal cohort data, and supervise researchers working across multi-modal large cohort data sources. I also lead projects supporting diversity and inclusivity in dementias research. I am PI for an ARUK funded project 'Your Beautiful Brain' - running brain health art workshops for the Black African and Caribbean communities. Iead a programme of work 'Not just a missing number', focused on the LGBTQIA+ community for increasing research participation, understanding and scientific focus for dementia within this population. I also lead a programme of work on understanding the difficulties and barriers of hearing aid use in people with dementia, funded by ARUK. 


Dementias Platform UK    

DPUK has increased the capacity of dementia research in the UK by developing national technological networks, research collaborations and a data portal that is accessible to researchers worldwide. This promotes research in experimental medicine and with cohort data.

DPUK’s Data Portal facilitates secure access to cohort data, enabling research and analyses at a scale that has not previously been possible for studies into dementia. This powerful combination of technology and expertise is helping detect the earliest signs of dementia.