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Maria Bunyan


DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student at Dementia Platform UK, supervised by Prof John Gallacher, Dr Ivan Koychev and Prof Sarah Baumeister. My DPhil project is in developing a digital behavioural intervention to reduce dementia risk in older adults. I am on an Oxford-MRC DTP iCASE programme working with my industry partner Five Lives and am also an Radcliffe Scholar (University College).

Before coming to Oxford, I completed an MSci in Psychology at UCL, where I worked in the Spiers Lab in spatial cognition. My Master's dissertation was titled "Twenty Years on: Replication of Maguire’s Hippocampal Correlation with Years of Experience in London Taxi Drivers". I had also worked as a research assistant on studying the neural correlated during spatial and social cognition, as well as a real-world navigation street study aiming to improve spatial memory performance. Alongside my studies I was a podcast host on season 3 of #MadeAtUCL.


  • Ivan Koychev
    Ivan Koychev

    Senior Clinical Researcher

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Professor of Cognitive Health; Director, Dementias Platform UK; Director, BrainWaves study of adolescent wellbeing and mental health

  • Sarah Bauermeister
    Sarah Bauermeister

    Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology