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Message from the Head of Department

Professor Belinda Lennox

I am committed to creating an equal, diverse and inclusive environment in the Department of Psychiatry, where everybody feels welcomed, supported and able to thrive, both professionally and personally.

Allegations of bullying, harassment and racism in the Department of Psychiatry are taken very seriously, no matter who is involved. I know it can be difficult to challenge some behaviours, particularly with people in leadership positions, but be reassured that I will not shy away from it.      

We have now created wide-ranging action plan aimed at tackling bullying, harassment and inequality. Find out more about that on the intranet (internal only).

You can find out more about how to get support or report an incident here. We also have trained harassment advisors who are available any time. Their contact details are displayed around the department.

I, along with Catherine Harmer, the Associate Head of People and Culture, and the People and Culture Oversight Committee and Working Groups, will continue to make the Department’s work environment and culture a priority so that all staff are content and can flourish.

Professor Belinda Lennox