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The Professional Support Staff Career Development Working Group focuses on developing and optimising the support given to support staff to develop their careers. This includes organising events within the department as well as signposting to University-wide initiatives. 

Our working group assesses, consults, prioritises, plans and implements actions within topic areas, identifying survey items and reviewing responses. Our working groups sit underneath the People and Culture committee and we meet at termly.


Wendy Howard - Research ManagerAmanda Pipkin - HR OfficerTracy LindseyPhD Alexandra Almeida - Research ManagerClare Coull - Team administrator, CREDOKatherine Shepherd - Executive Assistant to Head of Department & Head of Administration and FinancePhD Pamela Reid - Oxford Health BRC Strategic Partnerships Manager

Wendy Howard is lead of the group.

The Department has 81 Professional & Support Staff (PSS) who provide a key role supporting the department’s research and teaching activities. 

Some key career development resources of particular relevance to PSS staff can be found at the People and Organisational Development (POD) unit.

POD houses a huge amount of supportive detail including apprenticeships; mentoring and networks; self-development and management, as well as learning and development opportunities for professional services staff.


Our group aims to provide support in a number of ways:

  • Signposting events at the University and/or division levels – there are lots of events/programs happening, but sometimes they are hard to keep track of.
  • Increasing awareness of different career paths
  • Provide access to job seeking skills – we provide access to training on certain skills which can improve your job search (e.g. CV workshops) via workshops/events.
  • Promote a consistent process – thinking about your next step often gets pushed aside. We try to promote the ongoing planning and consideration of your career to help you be ready when an opportunity arises.



The Department hosts 'themed months' under the People & Culture banner, with each month promoting different themes under the People & Culture umbrella. June 2024 will be the 'PSS & Career development' themed month. We have organised a number of events with particular emphasis on career development for professional support staff (both current PSS and researchers/students that may be considering moving to a PSS role). Keep an eye out for these advertised events!