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Pamela Reid


Senior Project Manager- Dementias Platform UK

I joined the Department in March 2018 as a Senior Project Manager-Science for the Dementias Platform UK (DPUK), a public-private partnership initiative funded by the Medical Research Council.   

DPUK’s partners- eleven universities and seven industrial companies- have joined forces to facilitate and accelerate the discovery of new ways to understand, diagnose and treat dementia.  DPUK will provide free access to information (data) for over 2 million individuals from over 40 cohort studies, bringing together scientists and clinicians from academia and industry to share knowledge and conduct joint research programmes.  Secure access to the data is facilitated through a Data Portal. 

Before joining DPUK, I held senior roles as a research manager in biomedical research funders. This includes over twenty years at the Wellcome Trust and a year at Breast Cancer Now.  I have also spent time in Research Services and the Saȉd Business School at the University of Oxford.