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Family leave

The University provides a generous maternity leave package, which includes 26 weeks of leave on full pay for qualifying staff, as well as provision for paternity, adoption and shared parental leave. Those going on maternity, paternity or parental leave have the option of receiving information whilst on leave on an opt-in basis.  This contact is tailored to the needs of the individual. We aim to be as accommodating and flexible as possible. 

The Medical Sciences Division has established a returning carers' fund, to assist those returning to work following a break to care for children or other close family members. Information on the scheme and details of how to apply can be found via the link above which is accessible to University members only.

Please contact HR or the Family and Part-Time working group for a copy of our Parental Leave Checklist and Guide for Parents and Carers. Alternatively, please use the following link to find out more about university support for family leave.


Departmental staff members and students have access to the University's nursery places (both within the University's in-house nurseries, and subsidised places within community nurseries).  Staff members are able to benefit from reduced nursery and childcare fees via the Salary Sacrifice, Tax-Free Childcare and Childcare Voucher schemes.  The University also works in partnership with holiday playscheme providers to provide childcare during the school holidays (which can be paid for with childcare vouchers).

Please use the following link to find out more about university-arranged childcare support.

University Nursery Sponsored Priority Scheme

The University has a scheme that enables colleges and departments to nominate staff for a priority on the University nursery waiting list (called a “sponsored priority”). Staff will be notified of these opportunities when they arise. Please note that a sponsored priority does not guarantee a nursery place, and recipients of a sponsored priority will be liable to pay all nursery fees. 

You can find out more about what childcare options are available at Oxford University's Childcare Services.

Flexible working

Many staff members work flexibly, for example working only during term-time, working flexible hours, working full-time across four days per week, and working from home as needed, and we aim to accommodate flexible working wherever possible.  In some cases, arrangements are managed informally within research groups, whilst in other cases staff members formally request flexible working. Please use the link to find out more about flexible working.