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We aim to understand and promote mental health and wellbeing for university students.


Nurture-U is a national research project that aims to find better ways to support university students with their wellbeing and mental health. Funded by the Medical Research Council, Arts and Humanities Research Council, and Economic and Social Research Council, this project represents a collaboration between six universities in the UK: Exeter, Cardiff, King's College London, Newcastle, Oxford, and Southampton. This project continues the U-Flourish Student Wellbeing Survey in partnership with Queen’s College in Canada who began using the survey to study student wellbeing in September 2018.

As a project for, with, and by students, Nurture-U has already benefited from input from nearly 200 university students who have helped shape every stage of the research process. We invite students from all participating universities to voice their ideas at any time.

To join our Student Advisory Group and be paid for your contribution, please visit:



The transition to university life is an exciting time, but it can also bring added life pressures and choices. Here at the University of Oxford, our aim is to better understand the determinants of student wellbeing and academic success, evaluate the mental health support needs of students, and promote wellbeing for all university students. We also want to identify barriers students encounter when accessing mental health and welfare services at Oxford.



The Oxford U-Flourish Student Wellbeing Survey is a biannual university-wide study that represents a collaboration between the Department of Psychiatry and the University Student Welfare and Support Service. This research has been approved by the Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee (R60998).

For first-year undergraduate and graduate students, the Oxford U-Flourish Survey involves completing a 15-minute online survey in Michaelmas, and a shorter follow-up survey in Trinity. For returning students who have participated in previous years, follow-up surveys will also be sent in Michaelmas and Trinity. Answers shared by participants are essential for understanding the needs of current students and potentially improving resources and support services at the university.

Last year, 15% of Oxford students rated their mental health as poor or very poor, and 34% reported high levels of anxiety or depression. These figures, and other important findings about students' diverse experiences with mental health and well-being, have since been shared with key university stakeholders, including Student Welfare and Support Services and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, with the aim of improving quality of care and support.

This year’s Michaelmas survey is open from Tuesday, October 24 until Friday, November 24. To participate, check your university email for a private invitation with a link to the survey.

Upon completion of the survey, students can enter a draw to win 1 of 5 iPads.



If you have additional questions about the study, consult the resources and contact details below:


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