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How to participate in the EXTEND study through qualitative interviews

Are you in the process of being discharged from an Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, or have recently been discharged?


Are you a caregiver for someone that is being discharged from an Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, or has recently been discharged?

Would you be interested in talking about your experiences of discharge from an Early Intervention in Psychosis Service?

We are currently looking for service users and caregivers to take part in research interviews. These interviews will help improve our understanding of discharge from Early Intervention in Psychosis Services and what this has been like for you. Interviews will be carried out by an experienced member of our research team either over the telephone or internet and will last for approximately 45-minutes. Participation is voluntary and individuals will receive a shopping voucher as reimbursement for their time. 

Please download a copy of our study information sheet for further information (links below). The information sheet includes further information about the research and what being a research participant in this study will involve. Contact details for the research team are also included in this information sheet. Please contact the research team to express your interest in taking part. 

It was great to be a participant today in the EXTEND EIP study where my views on EIP provision & the ideal duration of early intervention in psychosis care were expressed & heard. I look forward to the results on this! - EIP Healthcare Professional