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The Oxford Mental Health Economics and Policy (OMHEP) is a network focusing on the intersection of economics and mental health, bringing together academic and policy expertise from across the University of Oxford in order to provide high quality evidence to decision-makers in mental health care.

The Oxford Mental Health Economics and Policy (OMHEP) network produces world-leading research at the intersection of mental health and economics, and provides evidence-based policy recommendations to decision-makers in the field of mental health care. Bringing together health economic and policy expertise from across the University of Oxford, OMHEP is hosted by the Department of Psychiatry.


The OMHEP group aims to:

  • Produce high quality research evidence that can inform mental health policies that are both more equitable and more efficient
  • Engage with national and international decision-makers, patient and service user groups, charities and other stakeholders to translate scientific evidence into value-based health policy and clinical practice
  • Form strong links with providers, commissioners, practitioners and researchers in the University of Oxford and surrounding local areas
  • Advance the tools and methodologies used to understand the value and outcomes of mental health interventions

OMHEP's work is focused on providing decision-makers with the information and evidence they need to make informed decisions about mental health policy. By engaging with various stakeholders, the group hopes to promote evidence-based policy making in the field of mental health, and ultimately to improve the lives of people with mental illness.

Areas of expertise

  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Equality and equity
  • Economic modelling
  • Cost of illness studies

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