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Belinda Lennox


Associate Professor and Clinical Senior Lecturer

  • Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Director NIHR CRN Thames Valley and South Midlands
  • Deputy Director NIHR CLAHRC Oxford
  • Clinical Lead Early Intervention Mental Health Network Oxford AHSN
early psychosis, neuroimmunology

My research is on the causes and treatment of psychotic illness.

Psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are serious mental illnesses of unknown cause.  There is an urgent need to discover the basis of these illnesses, and to develop new treatments

I am exploring the neuroimmunological basis of psychotic disorders.  We have described cases of psychosis with antibodies against cell surface receptors, the NMDA receptor and the VGKC receptor. We are now screening people with a first episode of psychosis for these antibodies across England, to establish their prevalence.

I run a joint psychiatry- neuroimmunology clinic with Dr Camilla Buckley at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust for treating people with psychosis and antibodies, run alongside Professor Angela Vincent's neuroimmunology laboratory. Together we collaborate with academic groups and clinicians from across the UK and internationally to advance our understanding of these disorders and to treat patients with the best evidence based treatments.

I am academic lead for the Early Intervention in psychosis service for Oxford Health NHS FT and am leading the evaluation and implementation of early intervention in psychosis services across the Thames Valley through the NIHR CLAHRC for Oxford and Oxford AHSN Early Intervention in Mental Health Network. 

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