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Mental health: a global focus 2018

Journal article

Tomlinson A. et al, (2018), The Lancet Psychiatry, 5, 617 - 617


Conference paper

Lennox B., (2018), SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN, 44, S60 - S60

Influence of prebiotic intake on olanzapine-mediated weight gain, central receptors, peripheral biomarkers, and gut microbiota

Conference paper

Kaon A. et al, (2018), EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 28, S14 - S15

Neuroimmunology 2017: making progress over 20 years

Journal article

Al-Diwani AAJ. and Lennox BR., (2018), LANCET PSYCHIATRY, 5, 9 - 10

Neuroimmunology 2017: making progress over 20 years.

Journal article

Al-Diwani AA. and Lennox BR., (2018), Lancet Psychiatry, 5, 9 - 10

Bullying victimisation and psychosis: The interdependence and independence of risk trajectories

Journal article

Catone G. et al, (2017), BJPsych Advances, 23, 397 - 406

Psychosis: an autoimmune disease?

Journal article

Al-Diwani AAJ. et al, (2017), Immunology, 152, 388 - 401

NMDAR antibodies in first episode psychosis: conclusions too inflammatory given results? - Authors' reply.

Journal article

Lee M-M. et al, (2017), The lancet. Psychiatry, 4, 356 - 357

Serum neuronal cell-surface antibodies in first-episode psychosis-Authors' reply.


Lennox BR. et al, (2017), Lancet Psychiatry, 4, 187 - 188

Synaptic and Neuronal Autoantibody-Associated Psychiatric Syndromes: Controversies and Hypotheses.

Journal article

Al-Diwani A. et al, (2017), Front Psychiatry, 8

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