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Associations of perceived adverse lifetime experiences with brain structure in UK Biobank participants

Journal article

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The Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) Data Portal.

Journal article

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Real-world evidence in Alzheimer's disease: The ROADMAP Data Cube.

Journal article

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Intraindividual reaction time variability, attention, and age-related outcomes

Journal article

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The MRC DPUK Data Portal: Bringing Researchers to Data, The Research Journey


Bauermeister SD. and Gallacher J., (2018)

A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Associations Between Reaction Time Intraindividual Variability and Age-Related Cognitive Decline or Impairment, Dementia, and Mortality

Journal article

Haynes BI. et al, (2017), Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 23, 431 - 445

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