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  • Sarah Bauermeister
    Sarah Bauermeister

    Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology

  • John Gallacher
    John Gallacher

    Professor of Cognitive Health; Director, Dementias Platform UK; Director, BrainWaves study of adolescent wellbeing and mental health

Chris Patrick Pflanz


Postdoctoral Research Assistant Dementias Platform UK (DPUK)

Neuroscientist specialized in data science

Patrick is a post-doctoral neuroscientist working on data analysis and data curation. He is part of the Dementias Platform UK team in Oxford. He is involved in the C-SURV data curation implementation and development for Dementias Platform UK and machine learning projects. He works on the automatization of data curation and the development of metadata tools. Patrick also conducts research as part of the Early Adversity and Dementia research programme.

Before joining the Dementias Platform UK team, Patrick did a post-doc in clinical neuroscience and neuroimage analysis at the stroke research group, at the University of Cambridge. He earned his PhD in clinical neuroscience from the Welcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, University of Oxford. During his PhD. Patrick investigated diffusion tensor imaging as a biomarker in presymptomatic Huntington’s and early Parkinson’s disease. Patrick has also taught neuroscience at the Open University and the University of Oxford. He holds an MSc in interdisciplinary neuroscience from the University of Frankfurt and a BSc in neuroscience from the University of Cologne. 

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