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Melis Anatürk

Postdoctoral Researcher

Neil Armstrong

Honorary Fellow

Alvaro Barrera Parraguez

Consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Sophie Behrman

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Amy Bilderbeck

Honorary Member

Matthew Broome

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Joe Clacey

Honorary Teaching Fellow, OPPC

Michael Clark

Research Fellow

Myra Cooper

Senior Research Tutor, Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology

Ann-Marie de Lange

Postdoctoral research fellow

Colin Dourish

Honorary Member

Anne Duffy


Alexis Economou

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Henrique Fernandes

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jane Fossey

Associate Director of Psychological Services Oxford Health NHS FT

Stephen Friend

Visiting Professor of Connected Medicine

Matthew Gee

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Marjan Ghazirad

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Bergljot Gjelsvik

Research clinical psychologist

Ayman Guirguis

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Julia Hamer-Hunt

Honorary Member

Catherine Henshall

Senior Nursing Research Fellow

Chris Hinds

Senior Research Fellow

Emily Holmes

Visiting Professor in Clinical Psychology

Louise Johns

Consultant Academic Clinical Psychologist

Symon Kariuki

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Chi-Hun Kim

Postdoctoral researcher

Alison Lennox

Honorary Teaching Fellow

David Miklowitz

Andrew Molodynski

Consultant Psychiatrist

Jennifer Rendell

Research Fellow & Deputy Director of Graduate Studies

Phil Robson

Senior Research Fellow (retired)

Farshad Shaddel

Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Judit Simon

Visiting Professor of Cognitive Health Economics

Luke Solomons

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Matthew Taylor

Consultant Psychiatrist

Anya Topiwala

Wellcome Trust CRCD Fellow; Consultant Psychiatrist

Vyara Valkanova

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Cesar Victora

Honorary Fellow

Diego Vidaurre

Associate Professor (Honorary position)

Philip Wilkinson

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Achim Wolf

Honorary Researcher

Giovanna Zamboni

Senior Clinical Fellow