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Liliana Capitao

BSc, MSc, DPhil

NIHR Project Manager/Research Coordinator

I am a NIHR Project Manager/Research Coordinator for the Experimental Medicine and Adult Mental Health themes, part of the Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre (OH BRC). These themes are led by Prof. Catherine Harmer and Prof. Paul Harrison, respectively. More details at

I am based in the Neurosciences building at the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, and work closely with Dr. Arne Mould. I hold an MSc in Neurosciences and a DPhil in Psychiatry from Oxford University, having previously completed my training in Clinical Psychology in Portugal (University of Minho). My DPhil (2014) was supervised by Prof. Catherine Harmer and Dr. Susannah Murphy, and investigated the early effects of antidepressants in young people using neuroimaging and cognitive measures. I also have postdoctoral experience working with Prof. Catherine Harmer, Dr. Michael Browning and, more recently, Prof. Phil Burnet. My most recent project investigated the effects of prebiotics on children’s learning and cognition (

I am very passionate about research that has the potential to transform the treatment and care of patients.  If you are interested in finding out more about the work we do in the OH BRC, please do get in touch! We can offer expertise on aspects related to experimental medicine/adult mental health and on specific topics like project management and neuroimaging. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Recent publications

More publications


Capitao L, Murphy SE, Browning M, Cowen PJ & Harmer CJ. (2015). A single dose of fluoxetine modulates emotional processing in young healthy volunteers. Psychological Medicine, Epub.

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Barkus C, Line SJ, Huber A, Capitao L, Lima J, Lowry J, Bannerman DM, McHugh SB (2013). Variation in Serotonin Transporter Expression Modulates Fear-Evoked Hemodynamic Responses and Theta-Frequency Neuronal Oscillations in the Amygdala. Biological Psychiatry, Epub.

Capitão L, Sampaio A, Sampaio C., et al. (2011). MRI amygdala volume in Williams Syndrome. Research in Developmental disabilities Disabilities. 32: 2767–2772.

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