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Julia Hamer-Hunt

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Honorary Member

Honorary Member

  • Lay member of the NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre Steering Committee (OH BRC)
  • Patient co-Chair of the OH BRC Patient and Research (PAR) Group 

I work within the Department of Psychiatry and the Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre to promote patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI/E) in research. My interest in PPI/E developed out of a desire to improve and manage my mood disorder (Bipolar Disorder 1).

For almost 20 years I participated in clinical trials and studies ranging from, but not limited to: the BALANCE trial - a randomised control trial of different medication combinations; OXTEXT 2 - a health economics study of mood monitoring; AMOSS - a study that investigated activity monitoring in bipolar disorder using several devices measuring heart rate, physical activity and others; and StemBANCC - a study to develop a resource of induced pluripotent stem cells for researchers to use in their search for drugs to treat and cure diseases.

Since 2015 my involvement has been in advising on how to raise the profile of mental health research, influence research design and how to best involve patients and members of the community in research. 

Through my role as co-Chair of PAR, I am involved in the development and delivery of the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy (PPIE) for the OH BRC.

In addition to my work at the OH BRC, I sit on the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA) Working Group, as well as sit on the Board for the NIHR Allied Research Collaboration Oxford and Thames Valley. I am also involved in a number of focus groups with the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Research and Care and RRIO.  I recently joined the NIHR Evidence Synthesis working group working on a series of literature reviewing projects.

I am also interested in writing and publishing, and recently I was a co-author for the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Overview (CBT-O) protocol (2018).

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