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Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

Marjan Ghazirad

MD, MRCPsych, DOccMed, AFHEA

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

  • Consultant psychiatrist

I am a consultant psychiatrist specialising in neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. I sit at the South of England Section 12 Approvals Panel and am also an honorary senior clinical lecturer at Oxford University, teaching and tutoring medical students for the past eight years.

My special interests are occupational psychiatry (staff well-being) and medical education. I have conducted a number of studies in these fields including on the effects of brief Mindfulness on work related stress in hospital staff.  I am actively involved in undergrad and postgrad medical education. My current projects are: developing courses for medical educators’ well-being, resilience and compassion; and developing a simulated communication skills session involving patients with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder for medical students.

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