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Susannah Murphy

Susannah Murphy

Susannah Murphy

BA (Hons), MSc, DPhil

Senior Research Fellow

My research interests centre on integrating psychological and neurophysiological accounts of psychiatric disorders. In particular, I am interested in bridging the gap between the different psychological and neuropharmacological approaches that are taken in the treatment of depression and anxiety. In order to address such questions, I combine cognitive neuroscience, neurophysiology, brain imaging, genetics and psychopharmacology in a range of populations, including depressed adolescents, women who are anxious during pregnancy, and older adults.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of St Andrews in 2004.  I then came to Oxford to complete an MSc and DPhil in Neuroscience, funded by a four year Wellcome Trust Studentship in Neuroscience.  During this period, I completed research projects with Professor Matthew Rushworth  and Professor Catherine Harmer for my MSc (2004).  My DPhil (2007) was supervised by Catherine Harmer and consisted of a series of behavioural and fMRI studies investigating the effects of antidepressants on threat processing.  I held a Supernumerary Teaching Fellowship at St John's College Oxford from 2008-2014 and I was appointed as Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry in April 2012.  I spent three years working on an NIHR funded 'Cognitive Health in Ageing' project, which involved the development of a range of different interventions for use in older adults and patients with mild cognitive impairment, including cognitive bias modification and interventions designed to enhance selective attention. Since December 2015, I have been based in the Psychopharmacology and Emotion Research Lab as a Senior Research Fellow.

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