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What is happiness? How can we nurture our self-confidence and well-being? At the University of Oxford, we’re looking for UK residents, aged 16+ to help us better understand how people think about themselves when they’re feeling positive. Participants will be invited to complete an online survey. It should take around 30 minutes and, as a thank you, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. We will use the survey results to create a new means of measuring positive beliefs about the self. That will help us develop psychological treatments to boost well-being and self-confidence. The research is being conducted by clinical psychologists at the University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. It has been approved by the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee (R78843/RE001), and is funded by the Wellcome Trust. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are looking for

Looking for: Anyone, aged 16 years or older, living in the UK is invited to take part in our study


As a thank you, you’ll be entered into a prize draw