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The Department has again been exceedingly successful in winning awards in this round, with Dr Rebecca McKnight the Core Psychiatric Trainee of the Year 2014, and Prof Michael Sharpe Psychiatrist of the Year 2014!

The awards ceremony was hosted by columnist and presenter Libby Purves within  the new College Building.

Summing up the spirit of the occasion Lifetime Achievement Award winner Professor Norman Sartorius said: “So often we neglect to recognise the contribution people make to the profession. The College is to be congratulated for holding an event that celebrates the impressive and immensely useful work done by psychiatrists.”

Dr McKnight completed a large systematic review looking at the adverse effects of lithium therapy, an observational study that led from that further investigated the effect of lithium of renal and thyroid function, and worked on the OXTEXT mood management in bipolar disorder project. She helped co-author the Oxford Core Textbook of Psychiatry, which has just been recommissioned for a further edition.   She teaches medical students on a regular bRPsych Awardasis and has recently become a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She has an interest in medical leadership & management and has spent time recently helping to improve the junior doctors' out of hours conditions and rota organisation, and developing a medical pregnancy working group within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Rebecca: "I am very grateful to the RCPsych for this award. My thanks also goes to Prof John Geddes, my academic supervisor who has been very supportive of my career since leaving medical school, and to my clinical supervisors during the core training programme."

Professor Sharpe was given the award for his work in research and clinical service development to integrate psychiatry into medicine; specifically, for his research into the treatment of depression in people with cancer and for the development of the psychological medicine service at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.  The judges said "Michael Sharpe captured the essence of what an inspiring rolemodel for other psychiatrists and medical students should be.  His work goes to the heart of 'Parity in practice' for those with mental and physical illness, and he has raised the positive image of psychiatry across the medical profession."


Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.