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Emily Bampton

Professional Youth Advisor

Integrating the youth voice at the heart of leading mental health.

I am the Professional Youth Advisor to the UK side of the Wellcome Trust Global Mental Databank Project in the Department of Psychiatry. A key goal of this study is the ongoing engagement from a diverse group of young people and generate data governance practices that feed into developing and structuring a culturally appropriate mental health databank. My role will be recruiting and running the Young Peoples Advisory Group (YPAG) in the UK. As well as presenting the their views to the Steering Group. I am so excited to facilitate young peoples voices being heard at the forefront of research, and particularly want make sure that currently underrepresented people in this space are brought in and heard. I am lucky to work with a wonderful team of collaborators in India, South Africa, the UK, and USA at the University of Cambridge, University of Washington, Walter Sisulu University, Higher Health, and the Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy at the Indian Law Society.

Prior to joining the University of Oxford Psychiatry Department, I worked as a Finance Assistant at the University of Oxford Childcare Services I have previously started my career in banking. I have a strong passion for mental health after personal experiences of anxiety since school. I keen to bridge the gap between researchers and young people to improve research but also use my experience in this role as a non academic to make research more accessible to the demographics it effects.

I completed an apprenticeship in Providing Financial Services in 2017, personal finance remains a passion of mine and I hope to learn more about how research becomes policy with a view to a comprehensive personal finance module becoming part of the national curriculum.