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Estimating the Importance of Families in Modeling Educational Achievement Using Linked Swedish Administrative Data

Journal article

French R. et al, (2023), Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 16, 106 - 133

Long-term Health and Social Outcomes in Children and Adolescents Placed in Out-of-Home Care.

Journal article

Sariaslan A. et al, (2022), JAMA Pediatr, 176

Reply to Seon et al.'s 'To prevent arrest and convictions, prescribe antipsychotics'.

Journal article

Sariaslan A. and Fazel S., (2021), Psychol Med, 1 - 2

Limitations of Case Register Studies for Violence and Psychiatric Disorders-Reply.

Journal article

Sariaslan A. and Fazel S., (2020), JAMA Psychiatry, 77, 875 - 876

Error in Abstract, Figure 3, and in Captions to Figures 1, 2, and 4.

Journal article

(2020), JAMA Psychiatry, 77

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