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Pupil dilation reflects effortful action invigoration in overcoming aversive Pavlovian biases

Journal article

Algermissen J. and den Ouden HEM., (2024), Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience

EEGManyPipelines: A Large-scale, Grassroot Multi-analyst Study of EEG Analysis Practices in the Wild.

Journal article

Trübutschek D. et al, (2023), J Cogn Neurosci, 1 - 8

Goal-directed recruitment of Pavlovian biases through selective visual attention.

Journal article

Algermissen J. and den Ouden HEM., (2023), Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Many Modelers


van Dongen NNN. et al, (2022)

Striatal BOLD and Midfrontal Theta Power Express Motivation for Action

Journal article

Algermissen J. et al, (2022), CEREBRAL CORTEX, 32, 2924 - 2942

Cortical dopamine reduces the impact of motivational biases governing automated behaviour

Journal article

Scholz V. et al, (2022), Neuropsychopharmacology, 47, 1503 - 1512

Seven steps toward more transparency in statistical practice

Journal article

Wagenmakers E-J. et al, (2021), Nature Human Behaviour, 5, 1473 - 1480

Seven Steps Toward More Transparency in Statistical Practice


Wagenmakers E-J. et al, (2021)

Dissociable Effects of Mood-Anxiety and Compulsive Symptom Dimensions on Motivational Biases in Decision-Making

Conference paper

Scholz V. et al, (2020), BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY, 87, S382 - S383

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