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The most recent seminar 'Sleep and Autism' took place in the Department of Psychiatry at the Warneford site.

The next seminar will be in Michaelmas Term 2014.

All are welcome to attend and if you require any further information please contact

On Thursday 13th March the series of seminars 'Sleep and Autism' took place, featuring presentations by Luci Wiggs and Zenobia Zaiwalla about sleep and it's relationship with ASD. 

On Thursday 20th February the series of seminars entitled 'Aspergirls' included a 'Aspergirls' presentation by Professor David Skuse and Ann Memmott from Autism Oxford presented 'Females on the autism spectrum.

On Thursday 16th January during series of seminars entitled 'Support Services for ASD', Gita Lobo spoke about the 'Autism Family Support Project', Kathy Erangey presented 'Autism Partnership Board and Autism Oxford' and there was a presentation by Helen Young from the Disability Advisory Service University of Oxford.

On Thursday 5th December 2013 the series of seminars entitled 'Sensory Difficulties in Autism' included a presentation by Sarah Wilcox entitled 'Autism and Sensory Problems' and a presentation by Paul Isaacs (from Autism Oxford) entitled Sensory Issues and Autism'                 

On Thursday 14th November 2013 the series of seminars entitled 'Learning Difficulties in Autism' included a presentation by Valerie Murphy on 'Autism and Intellectual Disability' and 'Learning Difficulties and Autism' presented by Richard Maguire from Autism Oxford.

The first set of seminars took place on 10th October 2013 titled Diagnosis of Autism Through the Ages, where Mandy Rose & Christine Ireland presented 'Diagnosis in Children', Marian Perkins presented 'Diagnosis in Older Children & Adolescents, followed by Diagnosis in Adults by Matthew Broome.