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Co-PICS study sites 

Co-PICS will recruit patients, professionals and carers from primary and secondary care, social care, NGO's, local faith communities, and networks of practice and research. 

These sites are: Oxford, London, Birmingham, Northumberland, with further sites tbc.

Associate PI's: Susan Thapa (West London), Digby Quested (Oxford).

Local PI's for each site:

Andrew Molodynski


Consultant Psychiatrist


Andrew is a consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and honorary senior lecturer at Oxford University, UK. He has worked in community psychiatry for twenty years and been actively involved in research in the field for fifteen. The main focus of his research has been with the social psychiatry group in Oxford and has been a member of the OCTET study team for several years. He is currently involved in several randomised trials of wider mental health care in collaboration with Queen Mary University and University College, London.

Andrew is the deputy national lead for the NIHR Clinical Research network and closely involved in efforts to bring research ever more into routine mental health care. He is also the mental health lead for the British Medical Association and works closely with policy makers and politicians on the future of services.

Dr Jed Jerwood


Principal Art Psychotherapist



Jed is a Principal Art Psychotherapist at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust and is also a clinical academic. His clinical work as an HCPC registered Psychotherapist is with adults with severe and enduring mental ill health, clinical supervision and training.

His research interests are in improving palliative and end of life care for people with mental illnesses and incurable physical conditions; in marginalisation within healthcare; visual and creative methods; co-design and co-creation methods, healthcare education and staff development.

Dr Sofia Pappa

West London

Consultant Psychiatrist


Sofia is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Mood and Psychosis Research Lead at West London NHS Trust.

She is also a Senior Lecturer at the Division of Psychiatry, Imperial College London and a Speciality Lead in Mental Health for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR, UK).

Her main clinical and research interests include neuropsychopharmacology and novel treatments in the management of affective and psychotic disorders. She also has a keen interest in the interface between physical and mental health, neuropsychiatry (particularly in movement and sleep disorders) and patient involvement.

Sammy Man


Consultant Clinical Psychologist




Sammy is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and works in Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust.