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Congxiyu (Sherry) Wang

BSc (Hons), MSc

DPhil Student

I am a DPhil student based in the Heart and Brain Research Group, under the supervision of Dr Sana Suri and Professor Clare Mackay. My doctoral research focuses on the link between brain vascular health, particularly, cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) and the risk of dementia in later life. CVR is the ability of vessels to dilate or constrict in response to vasoactive stimulus, which is an indicator of cerebrovascular health. In my project, I am interested in what contributes to the impaired CVR, such as ageing, hypertension, diabetes, depression, genetic factors, and stiffness of cerebral and carotid arteries. I am also looking at how impaired CVR increases the risk of dementia. To investigate these research questions, I will combine detailed arterial phenotyping, magnetic resonance imaging, assessments of cognitive functions and psychiatric characteristics in a longitudinal prospective ageing cohort.


Prior to my DPhil, I graduated from MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at University College London and received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Durham University.