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Emma Brooks

Trial Manager

I am working in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry research group and I am the Trial Manager for the Addressing Adolescents’ Depression And their ParenTing (AADAPT) study, funded by the Prudence Trust. This study involves developing and evaluating a Behavioural Activation and Parenting online intervention for adolescent parents supported by peer mentors. The study aims to improve parental mental health and enhance the parent-child relationship.

I am also working on the Child Anxiety Treatment in the context of COVID-19 (Co-CAT) study in the Topic Research Group in Experimental Psychology where I am a Trial Coordinator on one of the biggest randomised control trials to date in CAMHS in the UK for chid anxiety. The project aims to establish whether an online parent intervention with therapist support works as well as what teams offering mental health support are otherwise providing to help children with anxiety problems.

I have a number of years experience working on child and adolescent mental health studies. My research interests in general focus on common mental health difficulties young people experience and improving access to, and effectiveness of, psychological treatments.