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Mats van Es

BSc, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning for Brain Imaging

About me

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working in the lab of Mark Woolrich, specializing in computational methods for NeuroImaging, specifically magnetoencephelography (MEG). I have a fundamental interest in understanding how synchronisation organises neural processing. Because I want to find general rules of neural processing, I don't limit myself to a specific cognitive domain, though I most of my research is focussed on resting state, (spatial) attention, vision, movement, and memory.

After a BSc in Biophysics and a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, I did a PhD at the Donders Institute (Radboud University, Netherlands) with Dr. Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, studying how neural oscillations affect neural processing and behaviour. In addition, I had the privilege to learn from and work with the main developers of the FieldTrip toolbox, building my expertise in MEG methods and open-source software development. I now continue my involvement in method development, researching better ways to use decoding for MEG analysis, as well as improving workflows to analyse electrophysiology data in general (most notably OSLpy